6 ways to avoid tick bites this summer

The risk of tick bites in the UK may not be top of your mind this summer. However, tick bites cause an estimated 3,000 people to contract tick borne Lyme Disease every year in the UK. It is important that you use a tick repellent and do everything you can to avoid tick bites. 

Although ticks may only be tiny creatures, it only takes a single bite from a tick infected with Lyme Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) to cause you harm. Tick bites from infected ticks can cause serious, long term and debilitating effects on your health. Preventing tick bites will reduce the risk of contracting Lyme Disease and other diseases passed on by ticks to nothing.  

Not enough of us are aware of the presence of ticks in the UK, the risks associated with these ticks or how to repel ticks.

On of the best ways to avoid tick bites is to use an insect repellent that repels ticks

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Tick bites image by Mislav Marohnić via Flickr Creative Commons

Tick bites image by Mislav Marohnić via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Ensure your repellent repels ticks

An effective tick repellent will help to reduce the chances of tick bites. But not all preventative repellent products repel ticks. So make sure you look for an effective repellent that repels a range of common biting insects including ticks.

2. Apply tick repellent

Once you have sourced a tick repellent you need to use it effectively to reduce the chances of tick bites. A top tip is that you apply it to exposed skin and clothes, including your shoes! This will help give you the greatest level of protection. Note that some repellents contain ingredients which may damage your clothing so know your brand and test its effect on a hidden piece of fabric.

3. Choose light coloured clothing

Ticks can be very small (about the size of a poppy seed). Choosing lighter coloured clothing will help you reduce the chances of tick bites because you are more likely to see if a tick has grabbed hold of your clothing. You can then detach and discard it before it has the chance to bite.

4. Cover up

Ticks like to live in warm, moist undergrowth in wooded areas and in rough grasslands. When you are going into areas like this you can reduce the chances of tick bites by covering up exposed skin. Tucking your clothes in, especially your trouser legs, greatly reduces the chance of you getting bitten. 

5. Dry your clothes in a drier

Ticks thrive in warm and moist conditions but don’t like hot, dry heat. So if you have been out on an adventure, ensure you don’t bring any ticks back into your home by giving your clothes a ten minute, high temperature spin in your drier. This will stop the risk of tick bites in your own home as it will kill any ticks that may have been hiding in your clothing.

6. Check, check, check

You can greatly reduce your chances of harm from tick bites by checking regularly as it takes 24-48 hours for an infected tick to transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease after it has attached to your skin. So if you have been outdoors, make sure you check yourself, family and any pets for ticks. Especially check the warmer parts of your skin, such as creases and joints. 

Hope you enjoy the summer! Remember to use Mosi-guard tick repellent and if you do experience a tick bite this summer then read this handy guide, 'tick removal — 5 simple steps'.