A happy customer

We love hearing stories from our customers. Understanding how you use, and what you think about our product is incredibly important to us.

Recently our customer Louise got in touch. Here’s what she had to say…

I have been using Mosi-guard for well over 10 years. I think it is an absolutely fabulous product. I appreciate that they are child friendly. Not only is the fragrance acceptable, but it actually works!

We have travelled to the Caribbean for many years and this is the only insect repellent I recommend to our family and guests. Friends who travelled with us used other highly recommended products, from DEET-based to homeopathic. They don’t work.

If applied correctly, the bugs are not a problem with Mosi-guard. My family and I have sensitive skin and have never had any reaction from Mosi-guard. Plus, it does not removes ones nail varnish.

Goodness know what is in those other products that can be applied to the skin but reacts with nail polish. Thank you developers of Mosi-guard this is a great product!
— Louise McLoughlin