Brazil world cup dengue fever warning

Health officials urge fans to protect against bites...

Millions of football fans travelling to Brazil for the World Cup are being advised to take precautions against Dengue Fever following new scientific research.

The warning comes after scientists developed an "early warning system" to alert authorities to the risk of Dengue Fever outbreaks in Brazil during the World Cup.

Their report analysed the probability of an outbreak of the mosquito-borne infectious disease leading scientists to advise of high-risk warnings for three Brazilian venues - Natal, Fortaleza and Recife - where England may play on June 29th.

Dengue Fever is a viral infectious tropical disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It can cause life-threatening illness and there are currently no licensed preventative vaccines or treatments. Symptoms can also include a severe ‘flu-like’ illness with headache, muscle pain and skin rash.

Joanna Lowry, nurse and travel health specialist at Winchester Travel Health LLP comments: “Being prepared is key in reducing the risk of being bitten. Always cover exposed skin with lightweight long sleeved tops and trousers. Apply a thin, even layer of a mosquito repellent which is proven to be effective in high risk areas. In trials Mosi-guard Natural Insect Repellent demonstrated effective protection for eight hours or more after a single application. Mosi-guard Natural is a gentle, proven alternative to DEET which is used in many insect repellents.”

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