Mastering insect repellent for golfers

Mastering insect repellent for golfers

Longer days… brighter evenings… sunshine on our backs… daffodils, primroses...that’s right, spring has well and truly sprung. For the hardcore golf fans out there, spring signals even more beautiful happenings than crocuses in bloom… the start of several major highlights in the sport's calendar. From Augusta,  USA to Royal Birkdale in Scotland, whatever the location, the climate offers a host of conditions ideal for a variety of bugs and biters on the fairways. If you want to spend less time swatting (mosquitoes, midges and other pesky biters) and more time swinging a golf club, this handy guide to bite prevention for golfers is for you. 

Mosquito-borne Zika Virus and your guide to bite prevention

Due to its potential links with Microcephaly, Zika Virus has been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organisation. Mosi-guard Natural mosquito repellents have been tested against various Aedes mosquitoes which spread the Zika Virus.

Insect bites in the UK — identify what has bitten you with this ultimate guide

Insect bites in the UK — identify what has bitten you with this ultimate guide

This guide covers the key things you need to know about insect bites in the UK. Covering eight of the most common biting insects, you’ll also find handy pictures of the offending critters and their bites making it easier to recognise them. What's more we've also listed the most common insect hotspots to help you be prepared when you enter any habitats favoured by the little biters. 

Don’t let Chikungunya Virus bite into your holiday — your guide to locations, symptoms and protection

The tropical disease Chikungunya [pronounced: chik-en-gun-ye] Virus hit the headlines recently when celebrity Lindsay Lohan contracted the disease while holidaying in Bora Bora. After being diagnosed on her trip, Lindsay was hospitalized again upon her return home after suffering a relapse of symptoms.

How to choose an insect repellent that works

Bikinis, sun screen and wayfarers aside, making sure you’ve got the right insect repellent for protection against biting insects on holiday is another suitcase essential. The right insect repellent can reduce the risk of being bitten so you can relax and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer.

But faced with row upon row of insect repellent products in the pharmacy aisle, how do you know which one is best for you? Here’s our guide on what to look for when buying an insect repellent.