Mosi-guard Natural scoops gold and silver Bizzie Baby awards

A faultless product. I am thoroughly impressed, great design and fantastic fragrance offering a high level of protection against insect bites.
— Elaine Kalo, Bizzie Baby reviewer

We are delighted that not just one, but two of our Mosi-guard Natural products have scooped prestigious Bizzie Baby Awards! 

The Bizzie Baby website was established in 2008 to provide help and information for parents making those all-important buying decisions for the family.  It is now one of the leading sources of detailed reviews with savvy testers rigorously putting products through their paces. No stone goes unturned in the awards with testers looking to critique performance, quality, durability, style, design and the practicality of items.

After intensive testing by a panel of reviewers, Mosi-guard Natural Stick was awarded Gold, while our Mosi-guard Natural Roll-on variant picked up a Silver gong. Both products scored consistently high marks from each tester. 


Bizzie baby gold award!

Bizzie Baby gold award 2014-15
Mosi-guard Natural® Stick
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Bizzie baby silver award!

Bizzie Baby silver 2014-15
Mosi-guard Natural® Roll-on
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Excellent design, easy to apply, pleasantly fragranced, and Deet-free so safe for all the family, highly recommended, this is fantastic and works, smell was fresh and very appealing.

Reviews by Bizzie Baby reviewers

Elaine Kalo, Mum to Harry and Annie, aged 3 and 4, reviewed the Mosi-guard Natural Stick, score 5/5

A nicely packaged and pleasantly fragranced product that appears to contain natural ingredients.

Excellent design - easy to apply, no mess unlike liquid roll-ons. Really like the idea of a solid stick. Very simple instructions which were perfectly sufficient. Love the lemon fragrance. A great idea as citrus naturally deters insects.

This product was used on the whole family, the youngest being 3 and there were no adverse reactions. We all used this item.

I normally get bitten a lot on the legs and sometimes the face. I noticed a significant reduction in the number of bites I got when using this product.
— Elaine Kalo, Bizzie Baby reviewer


Excellent quality product. It is clear and very solid. No stickiness or any signs of the product breaking up.

The price is what I would expect for this type of product. Possibly more reasonably priced than similar products. I wouldn't change anything about this product. I would buy this product again. I would recommend as great for all the family.

A faultless product. I am thoroughly impressed with this product, great design and fantastic fragrance offering a high level of protection against insect bites.

Michelle Lyons, Mum to Xander and Logan, aged 5 and 2, reviewed the Mosi-guard Natural Stick, score 4.9/5

Upon opening the product it seemed like it would be easy to use and the smell was fresh and very appealing. The packaging kept it simple and to the point, which I liked.

It was obvious what the product was for, and the green colours demonstrated its natural formulation. The friendly face on the pack informed me it would be safe to use on my children (and indeed it is safe from 6 months of age).

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. My whole family loved the fresh smell. It is less harsh on the nose than synthetic repellents, and we also preferred this fragrance to the previous natural repellents we have tried.

We all used the product, with a variety of sensitivities between us I thought it would inevitably be unsuitable for one of us – but thankfully all four of us were able to use it.
— Michelle Lyons, Bizzie Baby reviewer


It was used with equal effect on myself, my husband, and my two children aged 5 and 2. I am someone who relies quite heavily on repellents as I often have bad reactions to mosquito bites and end up in a lot of pain for 24-48 hours. It seems if there is a mosquito around it will make a beeline for either myself or my 5 year old son – to the point where he can be quite frightened of the prospect of one getting into his room at night.

A repellent helps us to reassure him so he can get some sleep! This repellent definitely worked better than others we have tried in the past. My son still got a few bites on his ankles, but he definitely ended up with less than he would ordinarily have had.

I only received a single bite – a vast improvement on a typical summer month! This is a great quality product – looks great and is effective.

I thought the price was reasonable in comparison to other natural repellents, and it worked better.
— Michelle Lyons, Bizzie Baby reviewer

I thought it was a great product. I would definitely buy this again next summer – it is more effective than others I have tried, and pleasant to use. I would also recommend this product to others. Mosi-guard natural stick is an easy, portable, pleasant to use but most importantly effective DEET free repellent for the whole family – highly recommended.

Amanda Hayes, Mum to Ethan, nearly 3, reviewed the Mosi-guard Natural Stick, sore 4.8/5

Very good. Looked a perfect size for travelling. I liked the design of the packaging. It was clear straight away what the product was and the size was just right for popping in a bag or suitcase.
— Amanda Hayes, Bizzie Baby reviewer


I much prefer the stick to the aerosol style sprays as I am always wary of my son getting hold of them and spraying them in his mouth. This style feels much safer. Plus you know how much is left just by looking at it.

The instructions were clear, the product is very easy to use, just rub/wipe onto exposed skin. The fragrance was strong and a little unpleasant but it needs to be to repel insects.

No skin irritation even with my two year old son. Me my husband and two year old all used it with good results. I get bitten all the time! Not total prevention in all cases but it certainly reduced it.

The quality is very good. Deet free as well so it felt safe to use on my toddler. This is good value for money. Unlike an aerosol it doesn’t get wasted in the air so all the product is used. Seems like it will last a long time.

This is a great product just as it is. I would definitely purchase this and highly recommend. Great product, easy to carry and easy to use. Deet free so safe for all the family.

Samantha Wade, Mum to Benjamin, aged 2, reviewed the Mosi-guard Natural roll-on, score: 4.5/5

Great, it was perfect timing for my holiday and could be used on the whole family! As someone who always gets bitten, I was excited to test this product.

This is a lovely compact item; it is the perfect size for popping in your bag. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing. The instructions are clear and concise; this is a very easy to use product!

The product doesn’t smell great at all and the smell is really strong! A small price to pay for not being bitten! I have very sensitive skin and tend to develop a rash to most new products but I had no issues with this product.

The whole family used this product, myself and our 9, 5 and 2 year old children. The roll on was very quick to use and could be applied over sun cream. I always get bitten! Actually my parents came on holiday with us and my mom did get bitten quite a lot and so this proved that this product truly worked!

Definitely worked, we did not get bitten at all! I only had to apply the insect repellent once in the evening and it worked all night! A really great quality product.
— Samantha Wade, Bizzie Baby reviewer

Definitely good value, it lasted the whole family for the entire 11 days and I have bought it home! The design is perfect, its compact and simple, what more does it need! Will be purchasing for our next holiday. I already have recommended it - my mom eventually started using it after realising her alternative was not working! The product was fantastic and only loses a mark for the smell. If this can be improved on it really is a top product! A great easy to use, compact product that works, a must have for every holiday!

Donna Benjamin, Mum to two children ages 4 and 2, tested the Mosi-guard Natural Roll-on, score 4.9/5

Looked a good quality product. Just an average looking package. Maybe wouldn’t stand out on a shelf. Clear instructions easy to read. Compared to other leading brands this smells very nice. This never caused any skin irritation. I normally have lots of bites, but had nothing with this. Prevented me from being bitten.

My Dad tried this as he is a gardener. He normally uses another leading brand to which he was getting bites still. He tried this and has not been bitten since. He could not believe it. He even went back to the other one just to see, and he got bitten again.
— Donna Benjamin, Bizzie Baby reviewer

Excellent product, it’s so good I feel that its packaging doesn’t do itself justice as people would probably chose another brand over this. It needs to be brighter. This comes in at slightly cheaper than some other well-known brands and is by far the best.

Would definitely consider purchasing this along with other family members. Would highly recommend. Excellent product does what it says! Smells good feels light on your skin and no bites!!

Jan Holmes, Mum to Suzi, Carl and Heidi, aged 9, 5 and 2, tested the Mosi-guard Natural roll-on, score 4.8/5

Looked good and nice and neat and compact when arrived. Ideal for me as I tend to get bitten badly every summer. Liked the design of the packaging and easy to keep in bag and use when needed.

Instructions clear and precise. Fragrance is not the best but it is an insect repellent so do not expect to smell nice as long as it works. The whole family used this and no skin irritations.

I always get bitten especially when hanging out the washing and walking the dogs. The family all say I have sweet blood! This reduced the amount of bites dramatically. When I get bitten they normally swell up and take ages to go away. With this the bites were less angry and vastly reduced.

It also worked wonders on the rest of the family too and they had no bites. The quality is excellent. This is easy to use, easy to take with you on your travels and works.

Excellent value for money as its effective. The design is great just as it is. I have already purchased more and this is a definite must for us next summer and when off on holidays. Have recommended to all friends and family as so effective. This is fantastic and works and so glad we had the opportunity to try this out. On our shopping list for the future.
— Jan Holmes, Bizzie Baby reviewer