US Lyme disease cases have doubled since 2004, says new report

A new report into the threat of Lyme disease reveals cases in the United States have more than doubled since 2004. Findings presented by the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group raised the issue of Lyme and other emerging tick-related illnesses as a growing threat to public health.


The report highlighted key recommendations from surveillance, prevention, diagnoses and treatment measures to tackle the problem. Lyme disease affects up to 300,000 Americans and over 3,000 Brits every year.

Source: The Mighty

Source: The Mighty

While many Lyme patients who seek early treatment normally go on to make a full recovery. Yet many can experience ongoing symptoms. Early symptoms of Lyme Disease can comprise a ‘bulls eye’ skin rash around the bite, and ‘flu-like’ symptoms such as headache, weakness, muscle pain, fever and exhaustion. Longer term, chronic effects can include memory loss, numbness and joint problems.

The US Tick-Borne Disease Working Groups recommendations included:

improving early and accurate diagnoses and treatment

  • surveillance

  • and developing new treatment options for acute and persistant illness

For decades, tick-borne diseases have increased at an alarming rate. The continued spread of ticks, the discovery of new tick-borne pathogens and the spreading outbreak of human disease is a near certainty.
— The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group