Which? Rates Mosi-guard® Best Natural Repellent

Consumer interest group Which? has rated Mosi-guard® Natural ‘best performing’ natural insect repellent in its product comparison tests published this month (July 2012). Which? tested both DEET and DEET-free products from 12 well known brands with results, unsurprisingly, revealing ‘big differences between the most and least effective repellents’. Mosi-guard® Natural earned a maximum five star efficacy rating for providing up to eight hours protection against multiple insect bites which, the report states, ‘ is on a par with our best-performing DEET products’. Mosi-guard® Natural out-performed all non-synthetic products including Jungle Formula Natural, Lifesystems Natural, and Incognito which received the lowest protection rating of all products tested by Which?.

The only brand containing the natural active ingredient Citriodiol®, Mosi-guard® Natural even out-performed some 50% strength DEET products as well as some of those containing the synthetic alternative IR3535.

Whilst the report finds that ‘products containing the active ingredient DEET generally performed best in ‘overall bite protection’, and recommends them as ‘best for high-risk areas’, it also acknowledges the health concerns associated with DEET.

Which? observed that some of their experts ‘suffered headaches during the testing of DEET repellents,’ and suggests that ‘it’s always advisable to apply the products in a well ventilated area to prevent excessive inhalation of fumes.’

The report also recognizes that repellents containing DEET are ‘restricted for children between two and 12 years’, and recommends Mosi-guard® Natural as ‘a good option for non-risk areas, especially if you’re specifically searching for DEET-free products.’

Mosi-guard’s key ingredient, Citriodiol®, is a naturally occurring extract of lemon eucalyptus oil which leading authorities now recognise as having first-rate bite-prevention efficacy making Mosi-guard® Natural the only plant-based repellent with this level of accreditation.