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Mosi-guard Natural® is  also available in Spray Extra, Stick, and Roll-on.  See all products which work as an effective mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellents.

Repels biting insects


Enjoy the outdoors. Bug free.

Mosi-guard Natural® is a long lasting, plant based natural mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellent. It's a DEET free alternative to synthetic insect repellents and scientifically proven to be as effective. Use Mosi-guard Natural® when walking, cycling, climbing, camping, fishing, golfing or just lying on the beach. 

Long lasting and effective

Up to 10 hours protection in high and low risk areas. Lasts just as long and works just as well as synthetic repellents.

Repels a range of insects

Repels mosquitoes, midges, ticks, sand flies, land leeches, black flies, stable flies.

Approved by scientists

Tried, tested and proven to be effective by leading scientists. See our efficacy data.

A UK company

Manufactured in the UK and then distributed internationally.

DEET free and kind to skin

For those that care what goes on their skin. A plant based and DEET free alternative to synthetic insect repellents.

Family friendly

Suitable for pregnant women, babies and young children.

Plant based

Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is the natural essential oil used in all Mosi-guard Natural® products.

Ethically produced

We care about how we manufacture Mosi-guard Natural®. Read more about our ethics.


Insects and diseases

Mosi-guard Natural® is an effective mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellent that helps to repel biting insects. This helps prevent well known related diseases. Biting insects spread other diseases which you can read about in insects and diseases.




Black flies

Mosi-guard Natural® is not a suitable replacement for medical advice, medicines and vaccinations. If travelling abroad talk to your GP.

Mosi-guard Natural® performs well as an effective mosquito repellent against competing brands

A 2012 Which? report showed Mosi-guard Natural amongst the best performing plant based insect repellent products. It had a five star rating for its 'time to first and multiple bites', with up to 8 hours protection. This means that our plant based insect repellent performs just as well as DEET based products. Mosi-guard an effective natural mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellent.

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Just a quick line to let you know how impressed we were with the Mosi-guard Natural® insect repellent. We used it on our Nile cruise holiday and none of us were bitten. I loved the fresh smell and it wasn’t sticky when applied. Joe, our son, also used it on his trek across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, spraying it on the tent as well as himself with great success, and no bites reported.
— Sue Bradford, UK