“I am contacting you to congratulate you on your insect repellent. Three years ago I used it and has a great effect. Thank you very much for helping me spend some happy summers. Thank you!!
— A.León From Andorra
While I am working outdoors in the spring and summer, protection from biting flies is a priority. What I like best about Mosi-guard® Natural is that I am protected and feel good about my choice for both the environment and my health.
— Laurie Demrow, Professional Landscaper
My husband and I have spent every summer for the last 6 years working over in Corfu. There are many mosquitoes here because it is a very green island which gets a huge amount of rain every winter, so they thrive here. We have always used Mosi-guard® Natural and we love it because it is a natural product free of deet. The smell is pleasant but most importantly it is a very effective mosquito repellent. On the rare occasion when I have forgotten to apply Mosi-guard I have been bitten several times! Over the years we have recommended it to friends and family who have always found it very effective too. GREAT PRODUCT!!
— Liz and Keith
Just want you to know that we live on Crete, Greece and 10 years ago I won a box of Mosi-guard® Natural products. Today it finally ran out. It is fab stuff and everyone should buy it!
— Mandy Burrows
I went to Africa on holiday this year and used Mosi-guard® Natural as my insect repellent. It was great because unlike chemical repellents it can be used on your face, ears, neck etc. and the eucalyptus oil in it made the skin on my face glow in a way that I found really quite pleasant – a bit like those menthol/mint shampoos that you can buy! I have a sensitive skin and can’t use soap on my face, so it was a relief to have a product that not only worked, but didn’t make my face feel dry or my skin feel tight. I was fascinated to learn that the scent of Mosi-guard can vary from season to season depending on the harvest of the plants from which it is made, which shows what a natural product it is – and this year’s scent was really fresh and pleasant. As well as being natural and feeling good on my skin it worked brilliantly! One evening we had had a storm and the wildlife was out in force. I could hear the mosquitoes flying around me, and that night I took the Mosi-guard Natural Stick out of my pocket and reapplied it after we’d eaten. Although we were outside the whole night with candles attracting every manner of flying insect, I came home with zero bites of any kind (unlike my companions). As long as you remember to apply Mosi-guard Natural on every exposed bit of skin, before dusk, it’s the most effective mosquito repellent you’ll ever use, and has the added bonus of having no nasty chemicals – it even smells nice too!
— Tracey Holroyd